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Our Staff at Aid the Children

Paul Schneider - Executive DirectorPaul Schneider Jr - Executive Directory grew up in Nebraska, then moved to Grand Rapids, MI to attend a 6 year Missionary Aviation Program at Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. From there, he and his wife joined Baptist Mid-Missions, and in 1985 they went to Ghana, West Africa to serve 3 terms there, leaving the mission in 1999.

Paul and his family moved to Newnan, Georgia in 1999, where they currently live. Paul owns his own business selling cutting edge fertilzers for farm use. His heart's passion is to serve His Lord. Paul has a strong desire to see children with the AIDS virus redeemed back from death, to the Glory of God.

Don Morton, MA. - Public RelationsDon Morton, MA. - Public Relations - A native of South Africa, Don was an ordained Methodist minister, a leader in the student movement and an outspoken activist against Apartheid and racism. After several attempts to silence him by the security police, he fled his homeland and ended up as a refugee in the United States.

Don, who lives with his wife in South Carolina, has 4 children. Don has been a lecturer in communication at various universities and pastored several churches across the United States. His passion is to see the children of South Africa set free of Aids. Millions of lives are at stake, and we can make a difference.

Homer G. Allen. - Generous Giving DirectorHomer G. Allen - Generous Giving Director - over the past 25 years Homer has been a consultant to numerous ministries and Christian schools. In addition he has also been the founding President of the Massachusetts Family Institute (associated with Focus on the Family), the New England Director of the Christian Broadcasting Network, the founding Headmaster of Mount Zion Christian School in New Hampshire, and the Executive Director of Share Centers INC.

Homer is excited to be on the board of Aid the Children as he works with Paul Schneider and others to create a strategic growth and funding plan that will arrest AIDS throughout the world. Allen is in love with Jesus and shares his passion for the Lord with his wife Patt and two grown daughters.